Anime Expo 2010: Naked dudes.

The premier anime event of the west coast, Anime Expo has descended upon us. For some, it is a call to throw off all caution and bare your hairy chest to the sunshine while they cosplay. For others like me, it's a once a year event to stock up on lots of shameful anime goods and later on in the end look at all their purchases and say "What the heck did I buy to spend two hundred dollars?"

First off, I absoultely failed to let past experience guide me above noob mistakes. Apparently I got dropped off at the wrong part of west hall and wandered in circles before a kind staff member told me registration was at South Hall instead.


With about half an hour to spare, I went around and stalked cosplayers I fancied. There were a lot of cute ones that I didn't take pictures of later on because I just wanted to scope and buy merchandise. NOW I REGRET NOT TAKING A PICTURE OF THAT ADORABLE CHIBITALIA.


Okay, maybe you.

At some point when going down on the escalator, I saw this FREAKING SEXY Tidus cosplayer going up the opposite way. I wanted to take a picture of him SO BAD. So bad in fact, that I got off the escalator and immediately went back up to hunt him down nicely ask to take a picture of him. Sadly, he had disappeared into the crowd even though I chased him kept an eye out for him all the way back into west hall and back again. The funny thing was, as I was dejectedly going on the down escalator again, I thought "It would SUCK so much if another super hot cosplayer was going on the up escalator at the same time again." About five seconds later, I see one of the best Izaya cosplayers of the whole con going past me on that same escalator.

"Fuck it, I'm not doing that again.".

After dealer's hall opened, AX became one marathon anime shopping spree. I didn't see the Yaoi-Cen booth where they were selling the yaoi card deck this year...but they had something better this year: a Yaoi con booth manned by some asian artists. The gear they had was AWESOME. I kinda wish I picked up a Prussia Germany keychain or some more badges or some notebooks. I mean, damn, they even had offical KICHIKU MEGANE stuff. At ten bucks for like a...plastic poster, it was a bit pricey...but seeing a tsundere Midou san peeping from the back of all those posters made me want to rescue him.

Kichiku midou
Rescue operation!

While shopping though, I passed by this artist dressed all in brown in the artist alley. On a second look, it turned out to be Czes-kun from Baccano, and then she produced a Firo on top of all things to pose with her. And then right as I was about to take her picture, she suddenly brought out the Baccano sign. SO PERFECT~

As you can tell she is blinded by her own awesome

I got to see Billies and her friends today~ They're all so cute! They all looked busy though with commisions, thank you birries for playing with me! In retrospect, kinda wish I bought that pen and ink sample.


While for the most part I didn't notice many cosplayers in the dealers hall, this pair got my attention. Actually, everybody's attention because they kept blowing on these vuvuzelas every five minutes.

Hey, a THREE DIMENSIONAL nekkid dude.

So, final damages this year is about a $100 bucks plus the ticket.


Billies gave me her stationary set for free...SO THANK YOU BIRRIES FOR GIVING ME SWAG! >u< Planned not to get yaoi this year, because you can get them online...but these two artists are hard to find, and they have a lovely way of storytelling, very deep and emotional, not cheapening their stories with excessive smut. That being said. My yaoi heart is a bit sad at seeing them not cheapening their stories with excessive smut. TT u TT I'M SORRY FOR BEING A FUJOSHI...


This was the artist right next to birries table, and she had some KICK-ASS Hetalia gear. Swoere not to buy small prints...but I couldn't resist for this pair. LOOK AMERICA'S ON ROLLER SKATES!


Best part of con is the free stuff you can snag. In this case, a lot of people cheap out and instead of buying prints or keychains, collect artists business cards, because they still have pretty pictures printed on them. MWAHAHAHAHAHA, IMMA SAVE EACH ONE AND POST IT TO MY WALL FOR ETERNITY~

AX was really lots of fun, even the shameful moments spent chasing down cosplayers like a creeper. >.< I'M SORRY!!! My only regret is that I didn't buy more, like the four colored Links attacking Ganondorf print, the "COMMUNISM" print with China and Russia, and all of Blue-fox's hilarious Hetalia stuff. And that I didn't score more business cards, BLAST.

Hope next year everyone can go! Until then, I guess we can look forward to Yaoi-con!

Kichiku aki

Why Gaia is not a waste of your time

Britain: Cutest little colonial empire ever. 8D

So a lot of people think GaiaOnline is a waste of time. And 90% of it really is a moe-fied facebook, but with ugly chibi avatars. To rectify the foundations of these ugly avatars, Gaia constantly updates with BRAND NEW ITEMS to equip and GAMES to play. Much like World of Warcraft, the quest never ends. And most of the people who go on Gaia treat it like a mini Facebook, with all of the horrifying implications. Bathroom shots of themselves, lots of LOL's and hearts, and a undying source of flame wars on whether Naruto can beat Light from Deathnote.

But that other 10% makes the whole site worthwhile. The art community isn't much, but there are gems that update now and then that make you drool. And then want to steal their right hand. And if you earn enough gaia currency gold, you can get (almost) FREE ARTS FROM THEMMMMM. Well, almost. Gaia gold isn't real money, but you still have to earn it somehow. And because their prices are up to like...millions in pixel gold, they're actually more unattainable then if I just commissioned them in real life.

Come on, I'm asian. We wake up at three A.M just to get that 10% off on polo tees.

I guess Deviantart is there for that purpose (artist community and whatnot) but it's much quicker to get arts on Gaia. Plus, for those who are too shy to go comment and troll other artists pages and galleries, Gaia's nice because they set up all these shop threads where you your arts. Done. No real money, no begging, no catching kiribans.

EFFFFFF So if I wasn't so lazy and scared of possibly tempermental artists on DA I would totally not troll Gaia.'s still practically free? Plus it's a lot easier to talk to the artists while they're drawing your stuff because the threads are still for chatting.

So far this is some stuff I've gotten. I'm poor so I can't afford super nice stuff...BUT ONE DAYYYYYY.... Most of them are of my character Lethe. It's always interesting to see your characters drawn by different styles.

Lethe from fangqian

Now and then you can get fast sketches from artists who do random arts for school distractions.


American artist style is pretty fascinating. This artist was trying to fill up her sketchbook for art school.


And now and then you can get quickie fanarts too. ^^ BECOME ONE WITH RUSSIA, Y/Y?

In short, the artist community at Gaia is pretty unpredictable. Sometimes they make you wanna tear your hair out, and sometimes they're just super cute. It's not a place where you're going to consistently go "OMG, MY MIND IS BLOWN BY YOUR AWESOMENESS." but it's still a fun place to be if you're a scaredy-cat of DevArt.

P.S: Sorry if this entry is pointless, I'm just spazzing and trying to distract myself from essay writing besides hawking Gaia art community. ^^;;;

Drifting along in a yaoi daze


If they animate it, I can find the gay in it.

When one is stressed, anime is an admirable activity for stress-relief. Admittedly, it's a lot like booze in that the problems don't go away, but at least in this case, an otaku can pretend that some of the shows they watch are TOTALLY LIFE-CHANGING AND CHOCK FULL OF LESSONS. The otaku need not mention that the rest of their viewing material are so shameful that they have to bleach their eyeballs later. Kinda like how alcohol takes away the pain and thoughtfully leaves you the memories of a dying liver.

So, some of the many glorious distractions that yaoi can offer YOU!

1. Awesome merchandise that will shame your mother when she cleans out your room after the accident.


These are from a deck of cards sold in limited edition by this yaoi company whose head recently got arrested for selling drugs. So in retrospect, kinda wish I picked them up when I could have. The real mystery of the cards lies in the identity of the illustrator. The lady hawking them said that it was a Tokyopop artist, presumably one of the Original English Language ones. The question remains how their OEL offerings tend to have such crappy art quality when they have artists like this at their disposal. Truly boggles the mind.

But it's not the provacatively ripped shirts or the burning eyes that make this set irrestible. It's only one card and one card alone.

...If they just made a 52 cards of just the queen, I would have bought that deck.

2. Trolling the web for shameful images and subsequently scarring the IT guy for life.

WTF seme Katsuya
The guy in the apron can see you.

I really really really like Kichiku Megane. It's not as artistic or deep or even as well-written as other titles. (All NitroChiral) It's appeal is that there's something for everyone. Oyaji-shota-businessman-tomodachi-yandere-tsundere-threesome-and-now-pink-apron people can all bond together in one big happy community.

3. Trolling the web for REALLY REALLY REALLY shameful images.

This is how eyerape works right?

Till next time then. JA NE!

Four A.M rants are the best kind.

(Serious downer warning. A personal rant exercise done for myself, no one is obligated to read this angstmuffin stuff.)

It's been a really tense last two weeks. I didn't think I was going to get any drama from the roommates this late into the school year, but Murphy's Law broke that assumption.

One of my roommates, though normally a sweet, fun and spazzy person, is just having fallout from a rejected crush. The situation sounds simple, but the devil is in the details. She's a sheltered type, not having much experience with puppy love. Now I know to scoff at my older sister when she tells me older sibslings are more mature. The roomie just blew that theory out of the water. The roomie does not pick up on social cues well, assuming that little things such as her crush teasing her, or her suitemates teasing her about him liking her meant the genuine thing, rather than just casual fun. The roomie seems to have come between a budding romance between a suitemate and the crush.

The drama is as follows: Early in the year, the crush asked her out to karaoke with him as a date as a joke set up by him and the suitemate. She freaked out, leaving him in the hall running into the suitemates room to squeal and ask for advice. When she was told it was a joke, boy, was she pissed. But not enough apparently to squelch the idea of him and her together. She would go out to be with him when he was talking to the suitemate, and generally just ignored him when he talked to her, her way of playing hard to get when she didn't even know this guy well or were friends. When he asked her to karaoke with him again, she said she was only going out with him because she felt sorry for him. He said "Yeah, me too." and she blew up and yelled at him.

Not an exaggeration.

After the fight, she tried to make it up to him by apologizing and asking him to karaoke, but he didn't pay as much attention to her. She got mad, calling him a jerk for not pursuing her after only four months, and started to grill the suitemate if she knew whether he liked the roomie or not. The suitemate, feeling bad about how she was stuck in the middle, almost cried during one of the sessions. Being told of this, she just called her weak and baby-like. And now she has declared eternal hatred for both of them because she felt played around with and that her pride was hurt.

Not to mention, she rants almost every night about this. Seriously. It's driving me and the other roomie up a tree because from what we see, she took him way too seriously, she liked the idea of having a boyfriend better than the guy itself, we tried to warn her early on that he might just be being friendly with her and she brushed us off as saying "No, I know." and she really wont' listen to anyone's elses opinion but her own: that she was led around by this guy and that the suitemate was bad for not telling her whether he liked her or not. I just feel that she's not considering the other peoples feelings in this (The guy was just being friendly, the girl isn't obliged to spill his secrets.) and that a month of this unrelenting drama and anger is too much for the room.

I don't know. I like this girl, but she's really killing my winter quarter with unnecessary drama. And I think it's somewhat her self-centered fault anyways. Yeah, it really sucks to have someone you like not like you. But it's really not worth all this drama and tears and rants. What's worse is that she's ranting at other people who try to tell her their opinion of this includes that it's partially her fault. @__@

I just don't need this, especially not now. All this negative energy is making me mad. Plus it makes me think of my ex. =_____= I don't know, but it sucks because I still miss him and sometimes even wish that he was still here. Of course, right after I make sure to punch myself in the face for bowing to weakness, but still. I've been dealing with it alright, but it sucks that I still have feelings even after a good couple of weeks. It sucks that I still want to hug him, that I still want to try to make things right, that I go over what I could have done, that I keep remembering stuff we did like dance at midnight on a bridge or look for meteors. It sucks that he's forgotten about me. I just feel used on one hand, that I was just there to make him feel better, and once I wasn't as much fun, he just lost interest. It sucks that I even trusted him as much as I did, and I wish I didn't, because it wouldn't hurt as much now. It sucks that it feels like I'm stuck in a place and I can't move on. It sucks that I now can't stand the thought of his ex, because I know she's closer to him than I ever was.

I'm mad at him because he lied to me when he said I was the most important thing to him. I'm mad at myself for believing him. I'm mad because I haven't felt this vulnerable and stupid since Elementary.

I don't know. What to do, what to think. He called about two weeks ago to shoot the breeze. I guess he misses the friendship. So what to do, try to keep a friendship for when I feel less hurt? Just keep an awkward truce? It would help if I just knew what this thing was to him. I guess I should talk to him sooner or later, but about what? =___=

I don't know. This just sucks. And what's worse is that YAOI IS NOT HELPING.(somewhat)
Kichiku wedding

I said somewhat.

Someone tell me how to get this stupidity out of my system? Do I need a good cry? A trip to the backwoods of Yukon to discover myself? A walk down an alley to beat the crap out of strangers? Talk to him? Suck it up and just see if it fades?

What the hell. Advice isn't going to help right now. I don't want to milk sympathies from my poor beleagured roomie who'll have to deal with two dramas in the room, or anyone else. I just want to feel better.

I think I'll go hug a tree.

How to have the best Valentine's ever.

Or as it rightfully should be called, Saint Valentine's Death day. Hallmark oughta put that on a card.

Speaking as a chronic misanthrope, I dislike Valentine's Day. I like the couples. I like the flowers, chocolate and shiny red wrappings. But somehow the love and the chocolate buzz is never enough. Someway or another, nobody is happy on that day. It always promises to disspoint everybody. You had the girls crying in Elementary school because they didn't get a cut-out heart and their friends did. You had the girls crying in Middle school because they didn't get a candy-gram and their friends did. You had the girls crying in High school because they didn't have a boyfriend and their friends did. Honestly, it's like an ingraind response in girls now to start sniffling and feeling inadequate and alone on February 14th. Thanks, Hallmark.

So, in an effort to make the suckiest and sappiest day of the year much, much more awesome, (though obviously it's not that hard to.) I present a few time-tested tips (today) on how to have an AWESOME Valentine's day.

1. Find a random love-related sign and ravage it. Something big, flashy, and hard to get at. Preferably with something sappy written on it too. The more of your fellow (roommates) Spartans you can get to tear and then stomp and then set fire to the sign, the better. The more small trees converted into makeshift spears and pitchforks the better. The marshmallows are just the side benefits.

2. Go to the only bookstore in a very rich retiree's area that houses yaoi. Blow your fresh New Year's cash on said yaoi. Wonder how on earth someone can do that to the person they love.

3. Frozen Yogurt, made up solely of Asian Peach Tart, and toppings of rambutan, mochi and lots of fruit jello. AWWWWWWW YEAAAAHHH.

Behold. Already I have had the best Valentine's ever. By a simple combination of giant fires, angry mobs and very very rampant mansex, you too, can have an awesome Valentine's Day. Though it wouldn't hurt to rent 300 and the Lord of the Ring trilogy and watch it all on the same night, which is another eleven hours of awesomeness. You're welcome.

gakuen heaven
Also very very awesome.
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